Henry van Ameringen

Henry van Ameringen served on the board of the van Ameringen Foundation, a family foundation that deals with mental health and mental illness in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. He also served as President of the H. van Ameringen Foundation, a personal foundation that concentrates on HIV/AIDS, LGBT issues, mental health, reproductive justice, prison reform, and marijuana legalization, mostly in New York City. He served as co-founder and trustee of Galvan Foundation, a personal foundation using community economic development and grantmaking to challenge poverty and inequality in Hudson, NY. Henry retired from International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) as European Vice-President in charge of fragrance marketing. He serves on the board of Fountain House, where people with mental illnesses can find a job, a clubhouse, and friends. He previously served as co-chair of the Board of Directors of In The Life Media, the award-winning nationally televised newsmagazine about LGBT people. Henry is a graduate of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service.