Advocating for More Housing

in New York State


id you know that there’s a proven way to increase housing affordability, integrate our communities, and reduce homelessness, all at the same time? The solution is simple: build more housing!

Unfortunately, even if building homes is in the common good, the politics of housing production isn’t always so straightforward. So Galvan is partnering with the Regional Plan Association to launch an advocacy campaign to reform land-use policy and make it easier to build affordable housing in New York State.

The campaign will have four main components. First, we will be gathering New York’s pro-housing organizations and advocates to form a coalition and assess the political landscape. Together, we will develop an agenda of policy reforms that can have the biggest impact. We will have an eye toward streamlining approval processes, encouraging transit-oriented development, and removing counterproductive barriers like parking minimums. From there, we will engage with the media and kickoff a grassroots campaign to turn our ideas into reality.

Galvan has already committed to provide funding to the campaign for the next two years. It is the first initiative of our Henry van Ameringen Advocacy Fund, and we couldn’t be more excited.