Galvan Initiatives

Our Mission: To advance the Common Good by supporting strong advocates, vibrant communities, and cultural expressions that foster self-discovery and civic engagement.

What We Do

We operate three core programs to advance the Common Good:


We support artistic and cultural expressions that address pressing social issues, explore the meaning and experience of democracy, and by inspiring self-discovery, create a unified sense of the Common Good.


We invest in and support the creation of spaces that support democracy on the community level. We build mixed-income housing and spaces for education, small businesses, childcare programs, and create community spaces for arts and culture.


We support organizations that advocate for social justice and the protection of fundamental rights locally, nationally, and worldwide. In addition, we provide resources to groups and individuals so they can better hold governmental bodies accountable.

GRANTMAKING: We identify and support organizations that further our mission by advancing the goals of our HVA Advocacy Fund, Community Building, and Public Forum programs.

Galvan continues to fund many organizations historically supported by the H. van Ameringen Foundation.

About Us


alvan combines the shared philanthropic and professional work of founders T. Eric Galloway and the late Henry van Ameringen.

Mr. van Ameringen was  a groundbreaking advocate for LGBTQ equality, Drug Policy Reform, HIV/AIDS education treatment, and Mental Health awareness and services, among other causes. Mr. van Ameringen is widely known as a mentor to many who follow in his footsteps.

Galloway, a social entrepreneur with over 20 years of work engaging in community building and providing affordable access to housing, joined  van Ameringen to found Galvan in 2012.

The organization’s work honors the vision of a just and equal society central to our founders’ commitment to civic engagement.