Our Mission: To advance the Common Good by supporting strong advocates, vibrant communities, and cultural expressions that foster self-discovery and civic expression.

What We Do

We operate three core programs to advance the Common Good:


We support artistic and cultural expressions that tackle pressing social issues, explore the meaning and experience of living amongst others, and by inspiring self-discovery, create a unified sense of our common humanity and mutually dependent futures.


We invest in and support the creation of spaces that support community building on the local level. We build mixed-income housing and community facilities including those for education, small businesses, and childcare programs.


We support organizations that advocate for social justice and the protection of fundamental rights locally, nationally, and worldwide. In addition, we provide resources to groups and individuals so they can better hold policy makers accountable.

GRANTMAKING: Galvan, through Civis Foundation, identifies and supports organizations that further our mission by advancing the goals of our Civic Advocacy, Civic Initiatives, and Civic Arts and Letters programs.

We continue to fund many causes historically supported by the H. van Ameringen Foundation.