Hudson Needs

More Housing


udson urgently needs affordable housing. Too many of our households are rent burdened, spending over 30% of their income on housing. Most affordable housing in Hudson is segregated in the part of the city with the lowest income. In the neighborhood north of Warren Street, the child poverty rate is 39%, but south of Warren, the child poverty rate is only 10%. If we don’t take action, the city will only get less affordable and more segregated. That’s why we have preserved and created hundreds of units of housing in Hudson and why we are building the Depot District.

Galvan is addressing needs across the housing spectrum, from economic segregation to foreclosure and home repair costs.

Galvan’s affordable housing initiative helps to solve this problem. In November, 2023, we broke ground on the first of two new apartment buildings in the Depot District, a walkable, historic neighborhood at the intersection of Hudson’s high-income and low-income areas. Together, the buildings will include 138 homes that will be affordable for very-low-income to moderate-income families, making it possible, once again, for people who work in Hudson to afford to live there, too. The Depot District will also give a boost to Hudson’s entrepreneurs, with affordable commercial spaces prioritized for minority- and women-owned businesses. Finally, Hudson residents will have an opportunity to live in an affordable, economically diverse neighborhood.

The Depot District builds on Galvan’s longstanding commitment to housing justice. We have created and preserved over 225 units of mixed income housing, and we provide programs for people struggling to stay in their home because of foreclosure, home repair costs, or other challenges. Galvan owns a total of 81 buildings, of which 64 are occupied, 6 are currently in development, and 11 are stabilized uninhabitable vacant buildings in predevelopment. We are also addressing emergency housing needs with Galvan Motel, a 25-room motel designed to help families in crisis.