Three houses in Savannah transitioning from sketch to a photo of an actual home

Rebuilding Savannah’s 

Cuyler-Brownville Neighborhood


ar too many families of color have been priced out of their homes in Savannah. According to the Housing Savannah Task Force, about 40% of households in the city cannot afford quality housing, and a single person would have to work 2.5 jobs at minimum wage just to afford a one-bedroom apartment.

Without housing security, communities cannot thrive and culture suffers. Galvan is committed to helping Savannah push back, just as we have helped Hudson for the past 10 years. To start, we launched a partnership with the Savannah Land Bank Authority, the Community Housing Services Agency (CHSA), and the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund to build or preserve nearly 100 homes in Cuyler-Brownville. The initiative includes over $5 million in capital investment and an additional $1 million grant to the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund.

Map of Cuyler-Brownville

We see our housing work as crisis intervention and our cultural work as supporting community growth. At Galvan, we know that a home is more than a physical structure.

We also support a pro-housing campaign by the Chatham County Housing Coalition which advocates for quality, attainable housing while offering direct support for artistic expressions and working to revive Cuyler-Brownville cultural institutions.